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Box Types All About Balearm Nesting & Stacking Containers

All About Balearm Nesting & Stacking Containers

Award-winning Maxinest® is the UK’s leading, largest and most diverse range of RTP (Returnable Transit Packaging) for food and grocery distribution.

Features & Benefits

Quality assured

  • From field or food manufacturer to retail point-of-sale Maxinest® protects, maintains quality and promotes hygiene for fresh and frozen fruit, vegetables, prepackaged meats, fish, prepared meals and many other grocery items.

Strong and secure

  • Maxinest® trays stack ten high carrying a 16 Kg unit load with a temperature range from -30ºC to +85ºC.

Cost and space efficient

  • Empty trays nest by up to 76% of their original height saving valuable space on return logistics.
  • Maxinest® is the only produce tray to offer multi-height options, enabling the same tray to be used for a number of different applications.


  • Maxinest® fits standard distribution and display equipment and works seamlessly with the latest filling, weighing and handling technology.
  • Ownership, contents and destination can be clearly identified through labelling, printing and RFID.


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