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Box Types All About Stackable Euro Containers

All About Stackable Euro Containers

Modular inter-stacking containers with vertical sides for maximum internal volume. All models inter-stack to form a compact storage unit from containers within the same range.

Features & Benefits


  • Modular 300x200mm, 400x300mm, 600x400mm and 800x600mm base sizes.
  • All models inter-stack; 400x300mm models stack 2-up (side-by-side) on 600x400mm containers, etc.
  • Euro pallet compatibility; 600x400mm models stack 5 per layer on a 1200x1000mm pallet and 4 per layer on a 1200x800mm pallet.
  • Ideal for use in fridges and freezers; ventilated models promote air flow, speeding cooling and helping to maintain a constant temperature.
  • Optional lids, dividers, mobile dollies and label holders.


  • Positive-fit secure stacking.
  • Optional lids protects contents from dust & moisture.
  • Strong & tough
  • Tough polypropylene or HDPE construction.
  • Resistant to most chemicals and UV.


  • Smooth surfaces are easy to clean.
  • Withstands high temperature washing.


  • Strong and tough, Euro stacking containers provide years of trouble-free service, paying for themselves many times over during their long life.
  • Smooth surfaces protect contents from damage

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