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Box Types All About Green Attached Lid Containers - ALCs

All About Green Attached Lid Containers - ALCs

Green Range ALCs (Attached Lid Containers) incorporate an integral hinged lid and tamper-evident security to reduce losses and deter theft of high-risk or high-value goods in transit.

Features & Benefits


  • Modular solution; 300x200mm models stack 2-up (side by side) on 400x300mm ALCs, which in turn stack 2-up on 600x400mm ALCs.

Product Protection

  • Smooth internal surfaces & attached lid protect contents.
  • Tamper-evident seals deter theft.


  • Wide contoured hand-holds strategically placed to help reduce back injuries
  • Smooth surfaces.


  • Strong and impact resistant.
  • Containers typically stacked up to seven high carrying a unit load of up to 35 Kg.

Accurate identification

  • RFID compatible
  • Drop-in card holders
  • Textured areas allow easy removal of adhesive labels.
  • Recessed areas protects barcodes.
  • Printing owner’s logo and message promotes brand identity.

Economic & Ecologic

  • Nesting by up to 76% saves valuable space on return transport.
  • Unlike disposable packaging, Green Range ALCs can be used again and again, helping customers to comply with packaging waste legislation, reduce carbon footprint and save money.

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