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Box Types All About Pallet Collars

All About Pallet Collars

Pallet collars convert a pallet into a bulk container.  Eases loading and unloading operations, reducing handling time and saves distribution costs.


Features & Benefits

Versatile and efficient

  • Transforms a 1200 x 1000 mm wood or plastic pallet into a robust bulk container in seconds...and folds flat saving valuable transport space on the return journey.
  • Easy and quick to assemble and fold; pallet collars are built up in 30cm high stagesto suit size and height of contents - making loading much easier than leaning into a part empty bulk box, preventing the distribution of wasted space and eliminating the time and cost of stretch wrapping.pallet collar 2
  • When not in use, pallet collars fold flat and nest, seven folded units inside one assembled collar saving return transport costs.

Strong and tough

  • A typical unit of pallet and four collars can be stacked two high carrying a unit load of 500Kg - a combined load of one tonne (assuming the pallet specifications can carry a tonne)
  • Highly resistant to impact damage, manufactured from polypropylene with glass reinforced hinges.

Economic and ecological

  • Pallet collars are tough, long lasting and cost effective.  Unlike disposable packaging they can be used again and again, helping you comply with packaging waste regulations, reduce carbon footprint and save money. And at the end of their working life they can be recycled

pallet collars loaded

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