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Which Box is Right for You?

Which Box Is Right For You?

The box you choose is dependent on what you want the box for.

The simple reasons for choosing a particular style are...

1. Storage is Key?

Choose a Stackable Euro Container the straight sides mastacked eske it ideal for storage, keeping everything protected.

2. Do you need to carry the box?

Pick a box with hand holes, these make lifting easier and safer.

3. Box storage and transport space at a premium when empty?

Nesting boxes take up less room when empty

4. Is the way in which it is transported important?

Do you need them to come back taking up the smallest space? Pick a nesting box

Secure Transport – An attached lid container is the most secure.

5. Which is the best size of box?

Check how big the items you which to put in the box are – the internal dimensions are what matters as the thickness of the box alters the internal dimensions available.

Remember to think about how heavy the contents of the box are you need to be able to lift it when it is full. Would a dolly help for heavier storage?

Do they need to fit into a particular space – Check the external dimensions will fit.


More details on each of the types of boxes and their unique functions can be seen under BOX TYPES on the main heading or click the link below to read more...