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Blog All About Attached Lid Containers - ALCs

All About Attached Lid Containers - ALCs

Attached Lid Containers ALC

1. What is an Attached Lid Containers?

2. What are their uses?

3. How to choose the right attached lid container?

Attached lid containers are probably the most widely seen of the professionally used plastic boxes for returnable packaging.

The wide range of uses for these containers and the build quality (of the best ones) has meant that they have remained very popular for a long time.

1. What is an ALC?stacked green alcs

An ALC attached lid container is a nesting box with a lid that is attached via hinges on the long sides and lid split in to two. The most common design for the lid is to have tooth shaped edge (hence the common name of Crocodile lid). This means the lid edge is more rigid and makes securing the box easier.

The box part of the attached lid container is designed to allow the boxes to nest when they are empty with lid open. This means that they take up a lot less space when stored, empty providing space savings of up to 70%.

Why was the ALC designed?

The reason that the attached lid container was developed originally was quite simple. Most uses of boxes require a lid and the lid is the part of the box that is most often lost. It is a rare operation that finds it has too many lids and not enough boxes. By having attached lids the lids cannot be lost.

2. Common Uses

This box is widely used in retail supply chains as it is easy to secure and can therefore be used to deliver valuable goods with a reasonable level of security. This same style of container is also use by removal companies again because the box and lid means that you cannot see what is inside. The solid design of the box means that it can be treated roughly and they can be stacked on top of each other even when there is a reasonable amount of weight in each box.


The simple and robust design of the box means that it can be used for transporting a very range of items from post, automotive spares, and clothing, jewellery, CDs, DVDs, health and beauty products to food and drink. The solid design means that if a liquid is spilled inside the container it will not leak and damage the products stacked below. It should be noted that the lid is not sealed to prevent the escape of liquids so spillage is possible.


The security of an ALC can be increased through the use of seals. The most secure boxes are designed witSecurity sealsh holes for seals on both the short edges of the lid which enables the two halves of the lid to be sealed together. By sealing the lids in this way they are made tamper evident. Any notions of a plastic box being tamper proof miss the point that they are of the right size for people to lift easily, this means that if someone wants to steal the contents of the box they can just take the whole box and open it at leisure once they get somewhere quiet.

3. Choosing the right Attached Lid Container

When considering purchasing attached lid containers a few key decisions have to be made.

Size – the size of the box needs to take account of two main inputs:

a) How large are the items to go into the box?

b) How much do the items weigh?

a) Item size – the box needs to be large enough to fit the items in with the lid closed. Care needs to be taken when calculating this as the boxes are tapered, the base dimension is smaller than the opt dimension. Additionally the sizes quoted for all boxes are the largest dimension, in the case of ALCs this is the dimension of the top trim outside the hinges, the internal dimensions of the box can be noticeably less than these. If the contents do not fit into the box with the lid closed then they cannot be stacked on top of each other when they are full (this can make transporting them expensive and difficult).

b) Weight – once you know how many items you can get inside the box you can calculate the weight of the contents, again care needs to be taken as you do not want the weight of a full box to be too much. There are two reasons for this, firstly the box will need to be lifted by a person at some point, and secondly the box is only rated to take a certain weight, once too heavy they will not be able to be stacked on top of each other when full.

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