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Blog All About Balearm Nesting & Stacking Containers

All About Balearm Nesting & Stacking Containers

Balearm Nesting & Stacking Containers

1. What is a Balearm container?

2. What are the uses of a Balearm container?

3. How to choose the right Balearm container?

The balearm container was introduced to the UK by the major supermarkets that choose this style of box to be the best solution to transport fresh fruit and vegetables. The key advantage over the previously used Euro Containers is their ability to nest when empty minimizing transportation costs when they are returned.

1. What is a Balearm container?

The Balearm container is so called due to the arm located at each end that enables the boxes to be stacked on top of each other when full protecting the products inside from being damaged by the boxes above. When the balearm is folded back the boxes nest inside each other to minimise the space required to store and transport them when they are empty.

Why was the Bale container designed?

The balearm container was designed to get the best of the stacking boxes and the nesting boxes in one simple box. With the Balearm folded away these boxes have the highest nesting ratio of any nesting boxes on the market. This means that when empty they take up the minimum amount of space making storage and transportation costs as low as possible. When the Balearm is located for stacking these boxes are able to be stacked safely on top of each other protecting the goods inside from damage and maximizing the available height for storing and transporting product.

2. Common Uses

The main use for these products is the transportation of fruit and vegetables by the major supermarkets. The strength of these boxes means that the weight they are able to hold is almost as much as anyone can lift safely. This feature combined with their nesting and stacking ability means they are now used for storing a huge range of products from fresh meat, tinned goods through to clothes and stationary.stack_nest_8

When to Choose a Bale Arm container

The most important feature of the balearm container is its bale arm, enabling the boxes to be stacked on top of each other safely. The time to choose to use bale arm container is when you need to store the empty boxes in a small space and need a robust safe method of stacking boxes on top of each when full for transporting of storage.

3. Choosing the right Bale Arm Container

This choice is really based around the size and weight of the products you wish to store and transport. The standard 600 x 400 dimension is right for nearly all circumstances; the key difference is the depth of the box. The ideal height will enable you get the maximum quantity in the box, however if the box is too high you will not be able to lift the box or you may end up storing or transporting a lot of fresh air.

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