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Blog All About Stackable Euro Containers

All About Stackable Euro Containers


1. What is a Euro Container?

2. What are the uses of a Euro Container?

3. How to choose the right Euro Container?

The so called "Euro" container was the first reusable plastic box to be designed to replace the cardboard box. They have been around for over 50 years, the fact they are still in common use shows how robust and flexible they are. They are the forefathers of all the plastic boxes available on the market today.

Examples of Euro Container

1. What is a Euro Container?

The Euro container is a simple open box with a flat base and 4 vertical sides. This means that their internal dimensions are the same at the top and the bottom. The additional benefit of the vertical sides means they can be stacked on top of each other.

Why was the Euro Container Designed?

The Euro Container was designed to replace the use of cardboard for businesses that wanted to reuse the same containers again and again; they were the first reusable plastic packaging. The name Euro comes from the fact that the external dimensions are proportioned to fit exactly on to a Euro pallet (800mm x 1200mm), they are also perfect to work on 1200mmx1000mm pallets. This was significant when the UK pallets were in inches however all transportable units should not now be metric.

2. Common Uses

Trying to define common use for the Euro container is like trying to describe common uses for the cardboard box. Instead I will describe why you would choose a Euro Container over other sorts of reusable packaging.

When to choose a Euro Container?

The most significant part of the design of the Euro containers is its vertical sides. This is important because it means that they empty boxes cannot be stacked inside each other (very efficiently) this mean that the empty box takes up as much space as a full box. The two parts of an operation this affects is Transport and storage. It is expensive to transport empty boxes over any significant distance, and if boxes are to remain empty for long periods of time space is required to store them.

They key feature of Euro containers are their robustness and simplicity, from this comes the wide variety of uses to which they are put.

These factors mean that the most suitable uses for Euro containers is for internal use (where transport distances are short) and the containers are used repeatedly.

3. Choosing the right Euro Container

The key decision for choosing the right Euro Container is the size and weight of the products you wish to place in the boxes.

a) Item Size - The box needs to be large enough to contain the product properly. If the product cannot within the confines of the box it will not be possible to stack the boxes when they are loaded.

b) Weight – the weight and quantity of the items to be placed in the container nees to be considered as the box is designed to work with a maximum weight . Additionally when full the Euro Container must be of suitable weight for a person to lift.

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