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Blog Expensive Sports kit? ..then Protect It!

Expensive Sports kit? ..then Protect It!

For all you sporty types out there...have you ever considered an attached lid containers to protect your expensive sports equipment and your car at the same time!  Expensive kit needs protection while being transported and on the return journey your car is protected from all the dirt!

Many sports have lots of expensive equipment and kit that needs transporting around in the car/van ... protect it with a strong box that can be reused again and again and can be cleaned easily due to the smooth sides.

Some sports that spring to mind with lots of equipment to move around are ...

  • Scuba Divingpttrainingequipment400
  • Personal Fitness Trainers
  • Horse Riding
  • Sailing
  • Fishing
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Hockey


Green ALCsAttached lid containers are made of very strong durable plastic so are ready for some rough and tumble when being transported.

They can also be easily stacked when equipment needs storing as they have a crocodile lid which closes firmly and protects the items in the box when stacked...and even better when you need to clean all your kit they nest inside each other to save on space. Recycled ALCs

They come in assorted sizes and heights which inter stack and have wide contoured hand holes to help reduce back injuries when moving around.

Different coloured lids allow easy identification during storage and compared to the items being protected they are relatively inexpensive!  Alcs Coloured Lids

When you have finished all the muddy, wet and sweaty bits can be stored in the boxes ready for the wash without damaging your car!  The boxes normally come without any drainage holes to keep the wet inside the box and not in your car!

Industrial Plastic Boxes stock a large range of attached lid containers even recycled black ones.  To see what is available and what could work have a look at Attached Lid Containers



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