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Blog How to Use Plastic Crates/Attached Lid containers when organising an office move?

How to Use Plastic Crates/Attached Lid containers when organising an office move?

How to Use Plastic Crates/Attached Lid containers when organising an office move?

Wherever the office move is within the same building or moving to a completely different location the importance of keeping key equipment safe and secure is paramount.

Professional movers use plastic crates with teeth like lids that are attached to keep the items protected whilst allowing stacking to maximise storage & transport space/costs. These crates also known as attached lid containers, plastic storage boxes with lids, tote boxes, crocodile lidded boxes come in all sorts of colours, sizes and depths. They can also be fastened with tamper evident security seals which is important if the contents of the box contain private files/material or expensive items like IT equipment.

If you do not have the budget to employ professional removal companies then access to the crates can sometimes be difficult especially if you only need a few and do not want to buy the minimum order quantity a number of suppliers require.

Even if you find a supplier like that has no minimum order quantity then which size of box do you buy for your needs?

Some questions that you should be asking yourself before you buy are as follows...

a) How large are the items to go into the box?

b) How much do the items weigh?

a) Item size – the box needs to be large enough to fit the items in with the lid closed. Care needs to be taken when calculating this as the boxes are tapered, the base dimension is smaller than the opt dimension. Additionally the sizes quoted for all boxes are the largest dimension, in the case of ALCs this is the dimension of the top trim outside the hinges, the internal dimensions of the box can be noticeably less than these. If the contents do not fit into the box with the lid closed then they cannot be stacked on top of each other when they are full (this can make transporting them expensive and difficult).

b) Weight – once you know how many items you can get inside the box you can calculate the weight of the contents, again care needs to be taken as you do not want the weight of a full box to be too much. There are two reasons for this, firstly the box will need to be lifted by a person at some point, and secondly the box is only rated to take a certain weight, once too heavy they will not be able to be stacked on top of each other when full.

So you have considered the size and weight now what are the choices available... below is a summary of the common types and sizes of crates typically used in office moves and what they can be used to store. Critical information that you need to consider is

• All boxes are measured in millimetres

• Dimensions are shown in Length x Width x Height.

• Internal dimensions are important as the thickness of the plastic on industrial plastic boxes reduces the amount of space available for the items to be stored

54 litres - IPB 203910a5b black attached lid container

External Size 600 x 400 x 320 mm

Internal Dimensions 508 x 335 x 285 mm

Weight 3.2kg

54 litres crates are ideal for storing lever arch files (7 can be stored facing up), desk equipment including laptops, cables, paperwork, stationary. This is the lightest of the boxes and can easily be carried by one person. Depending on the weight stored there are also dollies available (skates/trolleys) that the boxes can be stacked on top of one another for easy transportation. Tamper evident seals and label holders can also be affixed to the box.

80 litres - IPB 204110A82 black attached lid container

External Size 710 x 460 x 368 mm

Internal Dimensions 597 x 374 x 330 mm

Weight 4kg

80 litres crates are the most common crates used in office moves. They can hold more than the 54 litres crates taking the contents of filing cabinet drawers. Weight is however a critical factor and filled to the brim may need 2 people to move the crate safely or on a dolly. Tamper evident seals and label holders can also be affixed to the box.

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